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February 2024

Staffing and Safe Recruitment

In February 2024 new sections were added in to Section 2, Safe Recruitment and Employment Checks, on Prospective Staff Spending Time in the Home and Carrying Out Interviews, in line with updated Ofsted guidance.

A link was added to information on DBS Digital Identity Verification Guidance.

Statement of Purpose

This chapter was updated in February 2024 to include the current Statement of Purpose for each Care Home.

Social Visits (Including Overnight Stays)

This chapter was refreshed in February 2024 and should be rered in its entirety.

Safe Use of the Internet, Social Media and Photographs

This chapter was refreshed in February 2024, and additional links added in Further Information.

Leadership and Management

In February 2024 Section 2.2, Appointment of Manager was updated in line with updated Ofsted Guidance – Social Care Common Inspection Framework: Children’s Homes.